FRP Program Details

Save Money On Your Rentals!

Whenever you book a technology rental with a Tech Travel Agent from, you will be given Frequent Reward Points. So the more you rent, the more you will save!

FRP points work the same way that frequent flyer miles do: The more you fly, the more free miles that you accrue. With, the more you rent, the more dollars you save on future rentals.

All you need to do is create an account, and you will recieve 10 FRP points just for signing up! Renting with starts paying off immediately, even on your first order!

Points accumulate on every computer rental, notebook rental, plasma rental, copier rental, projector rental, any technology rental.

Each Point is worth $1 in discounts toward future rentals.

Click Here to Sign Up Now and receive 10 FRP points!

Worth $10 off your rental!


  1. FRPs are only earned on the cost of rentals
  2. FRPs are not earned on delivery, labor, or taxes.
  3. FRPs may not be redeemed for cash.
  4. FRPs can be applied towards rentals and service only.
  5. Customer is responsible for any applicable taxes, if any.
  6. FRPs do not expire.
  7. FRPs may not be used in conjunction with other discounts or promotions.
  8. FRPs are earned on the first survey filled out and cannot be earned again.
  9. FRPs are not transferable.

Contact a Tech Travel Agent at, email  or call toll free 800-736-8772.

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Backpacks for Laptops

laptop backpack SwissGear SA9360 Backpack (Black)

The backpack is not, by any means, a new invention. Since man’s inception, we have been taking our belongings, throwing them in some sort of cloth or fabric and strapping them to our backs in order to get them from point A to point B. Now while many of you typically think of backpacks as being used for school, there are a lot of people out there that are using them to carry around their laptops when they travel.

Backpacks have also come a long way as far as forms of materials being used to create them. Back in the day, people would use anything they could find like animal skins. In today’s world, we create backpacks with waterproof pockets, shock proof fabric and other high tech features to help transport important, valuable and fragile items like laptops.

When on the go, your average traveler needs little more than a laptop to stay in touch with family, update their Facebook about their trip, work on the go or even watch a movie or listen to music. With such an important device being lugged around, doesn’t it make sense that you should have a backpack that is capable of keeping it protected?

You don’t even need to carry your backpack on your back anymore if you don’t want to. Many backpacks nowadays can be carried on both shoulders, one shoulder, carried by hand via attached ring or even pulled behind you thanks to built-in wheels. Talk about convenience.

When looking for the perfect backpack, you need to take a few things into consideration. First of all, think about size. More specifically the volume (interior size). You need to be sure that your laptop will actually fit into your backpack. If you carry around a 17″ gaming laptop, then a bag only big enough for the laptop itself won’t do you any good at all.

What else will you need to carry with you? Are you planning on throwing in a bunch of clothing with your laptop? Is it just the laptop? Are there enough pockets for all of your accessories?

What about material? If you like traditional packs, then you may go for leather. Leather is durable, waterproof and has other natural characteristics that make it a perfect travel material. The only problem is that leather bags are expensive and can also be fairly heavy. A combination of ripstop nylon and canvas is the best bet for most people. This gives you protection from the elements, it is lightweight and durable. Padded compartments are also good depending on how much protection you think your laptop and its accessories deserve.

On a side note, there are also backpacks that are specifically designed to reduce tension on your back, reducing the likelihood of back pain and if you are planning on carrying a fully loaded bag, then make sure it has an attached waistband. Also, make sure there are enough pockets and pouches. Many backpacks come with specific pockets for chargers, headphones, iPods and other tech gear.

A laptop backpack is one of the best things you can get yourself or someone that can’t leave home without their device. Just make sure you take everything you need to into consideration before you buy something that won’t work for your needs. is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!
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Tech Travel Agent is One Point of Contact, Worldwide

Your Tech Travel Agent™ will handle all your computer technology requirements, anywhere – for any length of time! Our rates are tailored to the period of time you need.

Rental Checklist

Notebooksdesktopsprojectors,copiersspeakersplasmas, andAV technology you need for your next conference, tradeshow, convention, training or other event.

Worldwide Rental and Installation Service
With service to over 1000 cities worldwide, you only need one Tech Travel Agent™ to help you with any and all technology requirements, anywhere – for any length of time – daily, weekly, monthly.

1295 Computer and AV Rental Companies
Partnered with over 1295 computer and AV rental companies worldwide, we have access to the largest inventory with delivery and service to more cities that any other single company.

Relax! Enjoy Your Next Convention Trade Show

Don’t let your next trade show, conference or convention project be a technical burden for you; let your Tech Travel Agent™ from handle all of your technology needs! Professional Technicians deliver/setup your equipment and then return to break-down and pickup the all the equipment when you’re done. On-site labor is available to support you during your entire event. You focus on your event. We’ll handle the technology!

Power Point Projectors
Most business class projectors will do a good job displaying your PowerPoint presentation. If you have a small presentation group, a 2000 lumen LCD projector will be able to produce a nice and clear picture. For larger audiences you should consider a 5000 lumen LCD projector. Visit the Worldwide Technology Rental Company…
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Video Walls Make a huge impression!

Video WallsWhenever somebody stops by your trade booth at a convention or trade show, the main thing they focus on is your presentation. Things like demonstrations, pamphlets and previews of your product are some of the few things people tend to look at. But one of the main things people focus on is a video monitor.

Video monitors have the unique ability to draw in an audience and keep their attention focused on you and your product. And while having one or two monitors looks good, there is always something better.

In the case of video monitors the next step up is a video wall. That’s right, nothing says “Hey look at me!” quite like a 20-foot-high wall of video monitors. A video wall is one thing that will definitely get the attention of any passerby without hesitation.

A Tech Travel Agent is your number one nationwide AV rental supplier and your only source for Video Wall Rentals.  Video walls are an extremely popular alternative to projectors and are mainly used at large events like trade shows and conferences where there is a desire to make a professional statement about your product or booth.

Tech Travel Agents offer a full range of Video Wall Rental sizes and can help you choose the right number and configuration for your event. Tech Travel Agents also make renting a Video Wall extremely quick and easy. With one point of contact your Tech Travel Agent will set you up with a local technician from wherever you need your video wall and personally deliver, set up and test your video wall to ensure that it is working properly.

When you are done, the same technician will tear down and pick up your video wall taking all the hassle away from you. Get your video wall in a plethora of sizes including 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5 or even your own custom design.

For your next video wall rental don’t hesitate to call somebody who has been in the business for over 20 years. Call your Tech Travel Agent today to get the best in quality and performance in a Video Wall Rental. offers the unique option of having your software pre-installed on all of your Laptop Rentals. Products like an HP Laptop Rental are perfect if you need a laptop short term. has been offering laptop rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.
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Audio Rentals from Tech Travel Agent

When one prepares to give a speech or a presentation, there are many things they consider. They have to be aware of their audience; they have to stay on topic; they have to be interesting; they have to make sure any and all visual aids are in their proper locations and viewable by the audience, etc… However, there is one thing that reigns above all of these other things on the importance scale, and that is whether or not your audience can actually hear you or not!

While it may sound like something trivial, you would be surprised at just how many presentations get overlooked or passed up because the audience has difficulty hearing the speaker. The reasons why the audience may not hear the speaker are numerous though a few do stick out. Either the speaker isn’t speaking loudly enough or he/she doesn’t have an adequate sound system. You would be shocked to know how many people get on stage at a press event or presentation and don’t check their audio equipment beforehand.

One problem with fixing this is that sound systems, especially good ones, are pretty expensive and most companies do not see it as a valuable investment. Well, for all those companies, there is the great option of an Audio Rental. An audio rental is the perfect thing for any company that either doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a system, or one that honestly doesn’t have any use for a permanently purchased audio setup.

Tech Travel Agents are here to make your next audio rental a cost effective and simple process. But before you get started with a rental, there are a few things you need to consider first. When choosing an audio rental, you need to focus on how big your audience is going to be and what specific type of equipment you will need. The good thing is that Tech Travel Agents have a wide variety of all kinds of audio systems that are perfect to fit any and all of your needs.

You can rent everything from a PA system, microphone or wireless microphone to speakers and even a sound mixer. Rent as much equipment as you need whether you need it for a small, medium or large venue. The best part is that with a Tech Travel Agent you have a single source of contact. Tech Travel Agents rent to over 1000 cities worldwide, and they take the time and effort needed in customizing each and every rental order to fit any and all desired specifications.

Like I said, renting an audio system from a Tech Travel Agent is easy, fast and one of the best business decisions you can make. They take a lot of the hassle out of traveling to conventions, trade shows and business meetings, allowing you to focus on what is really important.

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting a Copier is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.
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Classroom Computer Training Rentals

Classroom Computer Training RentalsClassroom computer training rentals are some of the most common rentals in the technology industry. But finding the right rental can be hard, especially for somebody who isn’t quite familiar with the whole rental process. For people like that there is a Tech Travel Agent.

A Tech Travel Agent can be a big help to computer trainers. With a single point of contact as well as nationwide service, a Tech Travel Agent is perfect for your next computer training seminar.

A classroom rental can include everything from a few computers used for a small basic rental to hundreds of computers and even projectors and screens for a top notch setting. For a Tech Travel Agent no job is too big or too small and using a Tech Travel Agent guarantees that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

When you go with a Tech Travel Agent, you not only get what you ordered, you also get a ton of extra features as well. With your rental you get computer software pre-installed and tested, spare equipment, and all your equipment is delivered locally, set up and tested for you to ensure that it is all working.

A Tech Travel Agent is the perfect source for any of your classroom training seminars. If you are giving a seminar, then look no further for any of your classroom computer training rentals than a Tech Travel Agent.

In the market for a nationwide Aircard Rental? If so, then call today at 800-736-8772
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Two Way Radio Rentals

Radio RentalsIf you are one of those people who is always on the go, traveling from one convention to the next or always hosting or attending countless business meetings or events, then you know just how crazy things can get sometimes.

With all the different things that are happening at once, it can get pretty hectic, which is why many people have full staffs or teams that accompany them or help them with their corporate events. However, some of these events are huge taking up multiple floors and several hundred thousand square feet of space.

This makes keeping in touch with your staff or team extremely difficult, which is one thing you never want to happen at an important event. Sure many people today have cell phones, but cell phones get lost, broken or are sometimes never even heard.

So what do you do when you need to get in touch with your team at one of these big events? You get a two-way radio rental. Radio rentals are perfect for when you need a radio for short term usage like a convention or event. A radio rental can keep you connected to your office, employees and partners.

A radio rental is perfect for somebody who is in charge of a large event or group of people, especially if organization is key. The ability to simply press a button and have full communication with everybody on your staff or team is one advantage that is priceless.

A Tech Travel Agent can set you up with a Two Way Radio Rental as soon as you need it and have it ready and waiting for you at your next event. A Tech Travel Agent is your one source of contact for not only radio rentals but also any other type of technology rental you could possibly need.

So the next time you are hosting an event or simply just attending one and you want to keep in contact with everybody you need to, consider a Two Way Radio Rental from your trusted Tech Travel Agent. offers a full range of iPad Rentals. Get yours today by visiting or by calling 800-736-8772.
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